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Are You Exploring All Your Career Possibilities?

  • Think beyond the traditional: IT, engineering, and medicine are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Our world thrives on diversity: Discover exciting opportunities in pharma, biotech, food science, education, nursing, and so much more.

  • Let’s embark on a journey together: Explore these fascinating fields and uncover careers you may have never considered.

Expand your horizons – your perfect career might be waiting in an unexpected place

Why 10th and 12th Students Need Career Counselling?

Make smart choices for your future. Career counselling can help!

What to do after 10th / 12th?

If not IIT / NIT, then what?

What should I choose?

Which career is suitable for me?

engg, Medical or what?

Other Off-beat careers

sagar hedau is a career counsellor in Nagpur

Sagar Pramod Hedau

13+ Years Experienced
Career Counsellor

What is My Experience?

Guest Lecturer

My Clients Are Happy

Arun DodArun Dod
08:09 31 May 24
I recently had career counselling session with Sagar Sir, and it was very helpful. He knows the IT field very well and gave good advice for my BBA background. He showed me clear steps to reach my career goals, like skill development and related job search strategies. I would seriously recommend him as a career counsellor for graduation students as well.
06:26 30 May 24
I am very happy to share experience with Sagar Hedau sir. He is very good career counsellor. He nicely guided my child for education and career choice after his 10th standard completion.
Sagar ZadeSagar Zade
11:05 29 May 24
Thanks to Sagar sir's guidance, my nephew now has a clear plan for his career after completing 12th. I highly recommend Sagar Hedau to any parent or student looking for an understanding career counsellor and guide their kids.
Akaash HedauAkaash Hedau
11:26 28 May 24
I highly recommend Sagar Hedau as a career counsellor to anyone seeking guidance and clarity in their career journey. The support and insights provided were instrumental in helping me make informed decisions and progress towards my professional goals. Thank you for your exceptional service!
Pravanshu KaduPravanshu Kadu
09:29 28 May 24
Career counseling.
Rohan VaidyaRohan Vaidya
09:21 28 May 24
You’re a great listener and you gave some really good suggestions, advice and feedback. You’re professional approach was spot on.
saakshi kedarsaakshi kedar
08:55 28 May 24
I am working as a principal in a reputed school and now to enhance my career path further, I was thinking of pursuing a PG diploma in School Management. So, I talked to Sagar Hedau, who is a career counsellor and he guided me to look for Education Management Diploma to further elevate my profile to get into upper management jobs in schools. Seems a logical idea and a practical track as well. His explanation was worth considering and researching before taking any final decision.
Manoj DhandreManoj Dhandre
09:18 25 May 24
Very nice experience..... Helped alot... Thanks sir your guidance is really helpful for my daughter.You are right person for students to give carrier guidance.
Sneha BhandakkarSneha Bhandakkar
08:58 25 May 24
Sagar Hedau is an exceptional career counsellor. He has indepth knowledge and experience in all fields and a good guide for suggesting best future options and hence highly recommended. Had very interactive session with you.Thank You.
18:17 24 May 24
shailesh ukhaleshailesh ukhale
09:19 22 May 24
What a wonderful guy , he help me a lot to figure out what can I do in future and also clear some doubt of mine which were troubling me from yesterday.
Prashant KamblePrashant Kamble
11:20 20 May 24
Best Career counselor who can use thereown experience in life to Guide students.
saniya bhagatsaniya bhagat
07:32 20 May 24
It was nice experience in career counseling by Sagar hedau sir I got so much clearity about my career and how can I utilise my skills more prominently.
Manasvi TigaonkarManasvi Tigaonkar
10:58 16 May 24
"Exceptional guidance from start to finish! The career counsellor provided valuable insights into my strengths, interests, and potential career paths. Their expertise and personalized approach helped me navigate through various options with clarity and confidence and helped me choosing my actual interests as a job profile . I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking direction in their professional journey."
Mrugakshi PawnikarMrugakshi Pawnikar
10:38 16 May 24
I highly recommend sagar Hedau sir as ,Their personalized approach, insightful guidance, and genuine care greatly contributed to my career clarity and confidence. A top-notch professional in every way.
pradnya ghadgepradnya ghadge
09:30 16 May 24
Very helpful conversation on call for me..
Prabhjot KaurPrabhjot Kaur
11:31 13 May 24
The session gave me an insightful career counseling session that offered valuable guidance on exploring color-matching career paths and left me motivated to pursue new opportunities.
Swati HungeSwati Hunge
07:31 04 May 24
Sagar Hedau is an expert and understanding career counsellor in Nagpur. His personalized approach, deep understanding of individual needs, and dedication make him stand out. With his guidance, I gained clarity and confidence in my career path regarding my PhD entrance program.
Pratik MeshramPratik Meshram
11:09 03 May 24
Sagar Sir is simply an outstanding industry experienced Career Counsellor in Nagpur who knows the corporate world practically. His extensive experience of over 12 years speaks volumes about his dedication and expertise in guiding individuals towards fulfilling career paths.

Why do you need a Career Counsellor?



Choices & Options

Skills & Aptitude

Long-Term Goals

If You Are Still Undecisive About A Career Path, Let's Discuss

How it goes?

Before any meeting, I expect the following things to be confirmed before going ahead with the counselling:

  1. Parents & wards present together.
  2. A questionnaire concerning the career you are planning to choose.
  3. Considering education in India or Overseas?

We will be discussing about:

  1. Career options after 10th/12th.
  2. Competitive exams.
  3. Choices in graduation.
  4. Top & recognized colleges.

Depending on her/his interests/liking, we would be looking at:

  1. Career choices.
  2. How to enter that field?
  3. Which are the recommended colleges?
  4. What are the career options and growth?

If interested in overseas education, we will be looking at:

  1. Top foreign universities.
  2. Budget & environment.
  3. Recommended universities.
  4. Countries with the best recruitment.
  5. UG/PG courses.
  6. Eligibility criteria.

What after 12th?

  1. Engineering?
  2. Medical?
  3. Architecture?
  4. Biotech/ Microbiology?
  5. Economics/Arts?


  2. GATE

What after 12th?

  1. PG diploma
  2. Remote education
  3. UGC recognized Universities
  4. Entrepreneurship with quality knowledge

Online Counselling:
₹999/- 60 Mins
₹499/- 30 Mins

  1. Understand your queries and doubts.
  2. Connect on live online meeting.
  3. I will present and discuss all the scenarios and options.
  4. Put up the practical options on table and find the most suitable.

Why is Career Counselling Important?

  • Identify the Right Career Path: Career counselling helps you discover careers that align with your skills, interests, and personality, ensuring you choose a path that suits you best.
  • Access Expert Advice: Gain valuable insights from me to stay up-to-date about various professions and the steps to achieve success in them.
  • Increase Self-Confidence: Understanding the challenges and requirements of your chosen career boosts your confidence, helping you navigate obstacles more effectively.
  • Personalized Career Planning: Get a customized career plan tailored to your unique strengths and goals, making it easier to stay focused and motivated.
  • Stay Informed: Career counselling keeps you aware of industry trends and changes, helping you stay competitive and informed about your field.
  • Reduce Career Stress: By having a clear career path and expert support, you can reduce the anxiety and uncertainty associated with career decisions.
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Conducted guest lectures as an external faculty for well-known institutes. Delivered practical Digital Marketing training as a part of the academic curriculum.

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